Visionary Steps for the Institution

  1. M.S.M. Institute of Ayurveda intends to present itself as an referral centre for various modes of emergencies and various elective procedures for which an fully functioning ambulance is already been purchased in order to make a prompt access to the ambient patients. As well as health check-up programme in the school & in nearby villages.

  2. The Institution is happy to induct various electronic gadgets in teaching to augment the quality of education. An initiative has already been made by organizing seminars by LCD Projector. In addition, Internet facility is also made available for the students with broad band connection.

  3. M.S.M. Institute of Ayurveda will also invite the employees and students of the university to become a part of ‘Aarogya Campaign’ in which every employee and student will be provided with a ‘Aarogya Card’ which is a medical health check-up card and the volunteers will be subjected to a subset of designated health check-up plan by paying nominal charges. This check-up regimen will be repeated on six monthly or annual basis for effective evaluation of health status and management subsequently.

  4. To enrich the hospital prospects, the institution will like to incumbent latest diagnostic and surgical instruments in its armamentarium viz-colonoscopy unit, Hopkins rods, surgical microscope, automated analyzer and complete blood counter etc. Approxi. Cost of these instruments is Rs.12 lacks.

  5. Persuading the visionary statement of the university, the institution is determined to have a novel ‘e-library’ which will feature CD’s/DVD of various clinical procedures/compilations/paper presented/operative procedures etc. this effective mean of learning will definitely have a positive impact on the students. All the department should have independent P.C. with internet facility, CD’s/DVD’s library with color T.V. and intercom facility for up-dating modern teaching technique. The approxi. Cost will be Rs.8 lacks.

  6. The institution is also enthusiastic about the vivacious prospects of Immunization unit which is about to commence under the Pediatrics’ deptt. for which official permission has already been granted.

  7. The institution will continue to encourage the teaching faculty to update their knowledge and sharpen their skills by taking part in various conferences/seminars/workshops and re-orientation programmes in different part of country.

  8. Department of Basic Principal meet to develop a unique museum which shall be enriched by unique Models. Under this department we can also establish a centre for drug research to prove the efficacy of formulation prescribed in the text.

  9. Department of Physiology need a soft ware regarding Prakrity Parikshan of patient as well as healthy person.

  10. Department of Pathology intends to establish a branch in the laboratory for culture & sensitivity test.

  11. To establish the surgery Deptt. as an advance referral centre in north India for a notorious diseases, fistula in Ano by Kshar-sutra therapy (Ayurveda surgical thread). Approxi. Cost is Rs.6 lacks.

  12. Deptt. of Hygiene & community health intends to develop naturopathy clinic for this purpose.

  13. Deptt. of Dravyaguna have to develop Herbal Garden in one acre of land which is available in the back of new Hospital building.

M.S.M. Institute of Ayurveda reiterates its dedication to excel in the field of Ayurveda by providing better learning experience for the students, better health for the patients, better carrier opportunities for the faculty members and a preferential site to work for all other staff members.