Department of English

BPS Mahila Vishwavidyalaya

Department of English

The Department of English is one of the first Departments to be set up in the University. Flourishing under the inspiring leadership of the Hon’ble Vice-chancellor and the erudite nourishment of Professor Kapil Kapoor, Visiting Professor, the Department is chaired by Dr Gulab Singh, who has successfully created an academic, research-oriented ambience. The Department owns the dual responsibility of catering to the honing of Communication and Soft skills of the students and carrying on the P.G. Courses in the Department with the purpose of ensuring growth, grooming and nurturing of critical perspectives in the minds of the learners.

The Department is the first in Haryana to implement innovation in its P.G. courses for twofold emphasis — Linguistics/ELT and Literature. The courses are a class by themselves which equip the learners in such a way that they can pursue a specialization in either of the two depending on their priority. The Department also offers Ph. D. Programme and the thrust areas for research include British and American Literature, Indian Writings in English, Literature in Translation, ELT and Stylistics, Western and Indian Aesthetics. The department also provides coaching for NET.

To hone the Communication Skills of the students, the Department has the facility of Learning Resource Centre with six well equipped Language Labs (Audio and Video). The modern approach of teaching with technology is used to train students in the basic skills of Listening and Speaking. The Department also caters to the conventional classroom teaching of Undergraduate students of sister departments/institutions emphasizing on reading and writing aspects of the language.

The Faculty of the Department is well qualified with six of them Ph.D., while the other two pursuing their Doctoral study. Six are certified Business English Trainers from the British Council. The faculty successfully handles about 3000 University students.

The Department offers a lively and diverse range of lectures, seminars and group discussions to enhance the skills of the learners. Literature based movies are also shown to the students on a regular basis to make their understanding of the text more comprehensive. Extension lectures are regularly organized. The department also invites Visiting Fellows and research students.

The Department has a Conference Room and 15 computer terminals. The teaching staff is committed to set standards of excellence in the University and is striving hard in consonance with the vision of the University. The Department operates in such a way as to create an intimate and relaxed atmosphere in which ideas can be freely exchanged.