Department of Foreign Languages

Brief Introduction
The Department of Foreign Languages has been established in the year 2007 with an objective of enabling the students to learn and acquaint with modern foreign languages and cultures of the world. Foreign language learning improves the intellectual capabilities of the students.” People who speak two languages have more grey matter in the language region of the brain; the earlier they learned the language, the larger the grey area (Mechelli et al., 2004). A language represents the ‘thought’ of a culture (Humboldt) and learning a language allows one to come into contact with the ‘thought’ and culture of another society. Thus one achieves clarity about one’s own culture and develops liberal attitudes towards ‘other’. Academics, Translation, Diplomatic service, Mass media, Journalism, Creative writing and Copy writing are the key career areas in languages. Globalization and economic liberalization (India, 1991) increased the demand for foreign language experts dramatically. Foreign language experts are in demand for sectors like IT and ITES, Hospitality, Tourism, and Media. Currently the department designs and offers courses at various levels in three foreign languages; German, French and Russian.

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