The University is committed to have the best infrastructure and facilities so as to ensure standards of excellence and supreme quality for the students. We propose to have one of the most advanced and State-of-the-art campus to facilitate the process of acquiring knowledge for the students.

Campus and Proposed Campus: The Existing University campus sprawls over one hundred seven acres while construction is in full swing under the 1st phase to be completed shortly. More construction is proposed in another 302 acres in the vicinity, so as to create and give world class infrastructure and facilities to the students. A broad road connecting the University to the GT road is underway which will substantially reduce distance from the national Capital. The construction in the first phase will have new teaching blocks, block library and Hostels with the latest amenities for the students. Presently the University has separate premises for every Institute/College and nine hostels having nearly 400 rooms for the students.

Faculty: Faculty for all the existing courses is the best available and committed to provide the highest quality of education for the students. The faculty for the proposed professional courses is being selected from the best available in the respective fields through a completely transparent procedure and rigorous testing. The University is determined to give its students the highest quality of teaching and ensure their overall development and growth.

Faculty Houses: The University acknowledges the fact that the Faculty is the most prized possession it has. Moreover, the University is committed to the professional and individual growth of the Faculty and hence ensures that the Faculty is properly taken care of. In this regard a major step is providing spacious and hygienic accommodation to them. The Faculty Houses are within the campus and so are the houses for the administrative staff.

Hostel: The University has hostel facilities for the outstation students. The University has 14 hostels which can accommodate around 4000 students. Each hostel has a reading room and study hall having newspapers and periodicals. The common room has Dish TV connection and the students are provided with indoor games facilities for recreation. The hostels are properly maintained and good hygiene is ensured for the students.

Library: The University has a Central Library which has books worth several lakhs on various subjects pursued in the University. The Library is accessible to all the students studying here throughout the day. The library is housed in a single storey building which is completely air-conditioned. The library has a large reading area and even reading rooms. To add to that it has Internet facility for the students and the Faculty. The University will soon shift the Central Library to a new block to be constructed in the second phase of construction. In addition to this, each Department houses its own Departmental Library having all the necessary books for the students.

Computer Lab: Bhagat Phool Singh Mahila Vishwavidyalaya was set up with the vision of emancipating women. In view of this it was realized that two things are of utmost importance for them: Computer Literacy and Communicative English. To ensure knowledge of the elementary as well as advanced Computer skills, a full fledged computer lab with devices of the latest configuration will be made available to all the students where they will necessarily take training in them.

Language Lab: In cater to the needs of women regarding the mastering of Communication skills in English, the University has established Learning Resource Centres which are run and managed by the Faculty of English. The students, irrespective of their course, have to come to the Centres thrice a week and take training in two aspects of English: Speaking and Listening. The other aspects, viz. Reading and Writing are dealt with in the remaining three days in conventional classrooms.

Earn while you learn: Aiming to make the students partners and associates in the Management of Institution, the University offers its students work opportunities within the campus. The programme, purely voluntary in nature, enables the students to earn while they learn. While students can meet their financial requirements for higher education under the scheme, in the process they learn to bear responsibility and promote dignity of labour. Students can choose assisting work in management of facilities like library, computer labs, cafeteria, kiosks, etc as per their aptitude and interest.

Cafeteria/Kiosk: The Cafeteria and Kiosk of the University will provide the students with the basic amenities and eatables. More importantly, it will also provide the students with the opportunity to earn by working part-time in them if they want to.

Industry Institution Partnership: Taking advantage of the unprecedented growth in service sector, the university has sought industry sponsorship for deserving students at the commencement of the courses. With a full fledged department dedicated to give thrust to industry institution partnership, the university plans to ensure placement right at the onset of courses.

Placement: For the remaining students, on campus interviews will be organized with reputed companies by the placement cell of the university to ensure jobs in the relevant industry.

Sports: With existing playgrounds, the university will have basket ball and volleyball courts with concrete flooring, apart from facilities for indoor games. Augmenting the well endowed physique of the girls from the region, the university plans to start a Judo Karate centre, that will not only instil a sense of confidence among the students, but also open doors for the placement in the growing industry of security and martial services.

Guest House: The university has an International Guest House on campus, equipped with all modern facilities, including a rejuvenation centre.For accommodating visiting faculty and family members of residential students, who might like to visit the students from time to time.

Auditorium: Keeping in view the Importance of Extra-curricular and various Academic affairs the University is proposing modern Auditoriums for the students.

Hospital: The University houses a Hospital with 110 beds that runs round the clock throughout the year. The hospital provides health facilities to the students and assures that the students get proper and timely treatment if they fall ill.

Transport: The University has been set up in a rural locale keeping in view that the girls from a rural background need education the most as they are largely neglected in the society. To keep up with this locale it is vital to have regular transport for the students and the faculty coming from nearby places. The University has its own buses running after short intervals throughout the day to ferry the Faculty, Administrative staff and students to and from the University. In addition to it, Haryana Roadways buses also run at select hours to and from the University.

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