Accounts Branch
Sl. No. Name Designation
1 Sh. Sanjay FO
2 Sh. Kuldeep Singh Asst. Registrar
3 Dr. Geeta Mor Supdt.
4 Ms. Anita Bajaj Supdt.
5 Sh. Kashev Dutt Assistant
6 Sh. Karam Singh Assistant
7 Ms Seema Assistant
8 Ms. Preeti Assistant
9 Sh. Ravinder Assistant
10 Ms. Pooja Accountant
11 Sh. Sunil Head Clerk
12 Smt. Geeta Pruthi Accountant
13 Smt. Rajbala Hostel Warden
14 Ms. Savita Clerk
15 Sh. Vijaypal Cashier
16 Sh. Rajbir Clerk
17 Ms. Preeti Hostel Attendant
18 Ms. Suman Hostel Attendant
19 Sh. Sunil Conductor (working as Peon)
20 Smt. Daya Hostel Aya (working as Peon)
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