• B.P.S. Mahila Vishwavidyalaya
  • Khanpur Kalan, Sonipat, Haryana-131305


1.Community Resource Centers

Department of Social Work has opened “Community Resource Centers” in four villages i.e. Khanpur Kalan, Gamri, Kasanda and Kasandi. These centers are working as Information Centers as well as Village Library. The main objective to open these Community Resource Centers is that there are lot of schemes, services, programs and other facilities available for the rural people but they are not aware about these services. Due to lack of awareness level, they are not any benefit from most of these programmes and the purpose of these schemes is not fulfills. Therefore, Department of Social Work has taken initiative to facilitate the community people about (inform, educate, communicate and advocate them about) these services. Moreover, we have also kept there some books so that the literary knowledge of the community people may also be enhanced.

Department of Social Work has placed the students of Semester-1 on Concurrent field work in all these four villages twice in a week i.e. Wednesday and Thursday from 09:00 am to 03:30 pm. Our students guide the community about various schemes as education, health and hygiene, social security, pension, making ration cards and different social welfare schemes. Our students also work with village women on micro finance issues and they work on SHGs which are formulated in these villages. As these centers are also working as library, the village children and women are also provided basic literary knowledge and taught about the importance of education in life.

In addition to it, the faculty members of the Department of Social Work continuous by visit the centers and work with s community people. We also invite external experts from various Departments/ NGOs/ welfare organizations to guide the community people and talk about their rights. Gram Panchayats of these villages are very cooperative in this regards. They have given building to use as Community Resource Centers and they are always ready to assist any time when we need their help. This initiative of the Department of Social Work has been extremely appreciated by the village people and by the experts.

2. Celebration of Social Work Day
Department of Social Work celebrate “World Social Work Day” . The objective of the programme was to bring Social Work to the forefront and discuss its various issues and challenges. Various issues were raised which includes lack of strong leadership at national and international level and lack of awareness contributing to non recognition of the profession. It was further deliberated that joint efforts by the educators and practitioners are required in strengthening Social Work in India. Other challenges discussed were strengthening of national bodies, advocacy among the policy makers, strengthening documentation, and intensive practice in the field. The student actively participated in Speeches, collage and poster making, and quiz Competition on Themes related to Social Work Profession.

3.Conduct of Parents Teacher Meeting
Department of Social Work conducted Parent- Teacher Meeting on 10th September keeping in order to make parent and students aware about the role of field work in developing skills in social work practice. To address the apprehensions of the parents of the students studying in the department it was becoming essential to answer various queries related to field work practice and its need. During this meeting questions on security issues during field work, in the villages and to other social work agencies were addressed satisfactorily. Besides, faculty took separate session with each student with her parents in order to ensure her active participated in academic & extra- curricular affairs.

4. Women’s Political Empowerment Day
Students of social work Department and Panchayat elected women’s participated in 23rd Women’s Political Empowerment Day Celebration on 24-25 April 2016 in New Delhi.

5. Awareness workshop
Department of Social Work organized one day awareness workshop on “ill effects of Drug addiction” on 26th October.

6. Celebration of Important National and International Days
Department celebrates almost all important days in the University Campus or field. The important days celebrated by Department are as International Women’s Day, Mental Health Day, Sewa Diwas, National Youth Day, National Unity Day, International Social Work Day, Legal Service day ,Constitutional Day ,National Voter’s Day ,Disability Day, World Environment Day etc.

7. Research Projects
Dr. Manju Panwar, has completed and submitted the report of Minor project ‘Impact of MNREGA- A case study of Sonepat and Mahendergarh District, Haryana’ and now has been awarded a Major Research Project “Major Impact of ICDS in Haryana”.

8. JAGRITI- A Non- Formal Education Center for the Children of Labour
Department of Social Work has opened Jagriti- A Non- Formal Education Center for the Children of Labour, who are working at the construction site of the new library building in collaboration with Campus School. The children are taught daily for one hour about the basic alphabets, Hindi and counting/tables etc by the students of Social Work from 03:00-04:00 pm. The main objective of this center is to give fundamental literary knowledge to the children and later on to provide them admission in formal education so that they can get proper education through school system and make them independent. They are also provided knowledge about the health and hygiene, moral education.

Organized various Awareness generation camps on health, Nutrition, HIV/AIDS in villages nearby the university.9.Job Placement
Department of Social Work do efforts to organize campus placement for all the students.Out students are presently working with various government and non-government organizations in Delhi,Haryana &other states and they are paid Rupeese 15000-35000 per month.