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  • Khanpur Kalan, Sonipat, Haryana-131305

Syllabus MSW

Syllabus of Master of Social Work (MSW)

Students joining the department of Social Work bring with them diverse academic and personal background. They come with their own unique professional and personal reasons for perusing a master’s degree in social work. Keeping this in mind curriculum is designed in such a way that students can easily build on what they have, by taking advantage of new teaching methods which can reinforce the basic skills and concepts. Department of Social work offers a generic course which includes 7 foundation courses, which includes courses on personality development and English language, 6 core social work courses and 4 compulsory courses. The optional courses include 4 practice concentration courses, 3 courses on emerging areas of social work practice and 2 courses on skill based concentration courses. Thereby, making this course a unique one

Core courses
Paper: SW-1: History and Development of Social Work
Paper: SW-2: Working with Individuals
Paper: SW-3: Working with Groups
Paper: SW-4: Community organization
Paper: SW-5: Social Welfare Administration
Paper: SW-6: Social Research

Foundation Courses course
Paper: FC-1: State, Political Economy and Governance
Paper: FC-2: Understanding Society
Paper: FC-3: Development and Social Planning
Paper: FC-4: Human Development, Identity and Culture
Paper: FC-5: Computer applications in Social Work
Paper: FC-6: English language
Paper: FC-7: Leadership and personality development

Compulsory Papers
Paper: SWC-1: Women Centred Social Work Practice-I
Paper: SWC-2: Women Centred Social Work Practice-II
Paper: SWC-3: Rural Development
Paper: SWC-4: Marginalized Communities: Issues and Interventions

Optional: Practice Concentrations
Paper: SWP-1: Family and child Centred Social Work Practice-I
Paper: SWP-2: Family and child Centred Social Work Practice-II
Paper: SWP-3: Community Health: Issues and challenges-I
Paper: SWP-4: Community Health: Issues and challenges-II

Optional: Emerging areas of Social Work
Paper: SWE-1: Disaster Management
Paper: SWE-2: Adolescent and youth centered Social Work Practice
Paper: SWE-3: HIV/AIDS and Social Work Practice

Optional: Skill Based Concentration
Paper: SWS-1: Counseling theory and Practice
Paper: SWS-2: NGO Management

Field Work Practicum

Field work forms an integral part of the training programme offered by the department. Field work opportunities are provided to the students through a large number of well established welfare agencies, public and voluntary, rural and urban. Students placed in these agencies and communities participate in a variety of welfare and developmental tasks as part of their programme. Community placements are given special focus while placing the students for field work, they may be involved in community organization and social education work in rural areas of Haryana. The field work programme consists of the following components:

  • Orientation programme
  • Concurrent field work
  • Winter and summer placement Block placement
  • Study tour