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The BPS Mahila Vishwavidyalaya has been set up with a dream, the dream to emancipate women. The dream is to ensure that women gain an equal status in the society of today through pursuit of knowledge and realization of their rights and responsibilities.

The vision statement of the University, each word of which has been carefully framed, reflects this dream. Dreams need proper guidance and careful planning to become a reality. In order to ensure that the dream of BPS Mahila Vishwavidyalaya transforms into a living reality, the University has invited luminaries from different fields of knowledge. These luminaries are renowned experts in their respective fields and recipients of various National and International Awards for exemplary work. The University proposes to use their expertise and knowledge to fulfil the vision which it has seen for women. It is a group of seven experts and forms the “Vision Group” of the University.

he members of the group are Prof. M.Anandakrishna, Former Vice-Chancellor, Arramalai University, Chennai, Prof. Ranbir Singh, Vice-Chancellor, National Law University, Delhi, Prof. S.P.Thyagarajan, Former Vice-Chancellor, University of Madras, Prof. Furquan Qumar, Vice-Chancellor, Central University, Himachal Pardesh, Prof. Kapil Kapoor, Former Pro-Vice-Chancellor, JNU, Delhi

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